Though being a member of eQSL and LotW I prefer 'paper' QSL-cards.
Being a member of the Veron section R27 (Kanaalstreek), I sent and receive my cards via the Dutch QSL Buro. Normally I sent my cards on a monthly basis.

I only send cards direct, with greenstamps included, when:

  • I need the card for a new DXCC and/or award and it can only obtained by direct mail

  • I support a DX-pedition

In all other cases cards will be send via the Buro or they are not send at all.
I also upload my log to: Clublog and QRZCQ

The address of the Dutch QSL buro:
PO Box 1166
The Netherlands.


Whenever it is necessary to send cards directly to my home-address:
Ruud in 't Veld
Zuiderdiep 268
9571 BP 2e Exloermond
The Netherlands

You don't have to include greenstamps ($) nor IRC's (these are not accepted by Dutch Postal services).
A SASE would be useful.


QSL-cards I used over the years: